Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleepy Eyes

 I have these really big brown eyes. Really they are like the best part of my face. Right now they are very tired eyes, these eyes want to sleep, these eyes are drooping slightly. But the mind, the mind behind the eyes is awake and full of thoughts, mainly about my bike and my love and my fall semester.

I'm thinking about naming my bike Sheeny, I don't know why, just Sheeny came to mind while I was looking at her poor naked, invaded frame. Naked, with no seat. Poor thing. I keep thinking about her safety tonight. I'm scared that the lousy bike thieves are going to come back and try to get her. Take her apart, saw through the locks, I don't know. I love my bike, like I loved my car, Roberta, but that is a different story for a different day.

My love, oh my love, my love...I love my love. He is the only one that knows my identity on this blog, which sort of makes it difficult because well, I guess he didn't know all of this that goes on in my mind. I thought he did,  but I guess not. It kind of puts me down, I was hoping he would like it, like getting that outside perspective on me, something. He doesn't get mad very easily, unless I'm cramming how right I am down his throat - he doesn't like that. I love him dearly, I do. He is so patient with my crazy antics, I personally wouldn't deal with me, but he does. He keeps me in check, which is something I need. He is actually making fun of me at the moment about how intense I look while typing! He makes me laugh which makes me happy. We are that perfect couple that every body loves to hate because we are just so darn happy together. Let's hope I don't get in trouble for writing up this entry!  

Fall semester: very excited, very excited not to get treated like a summer camp kid, excited to do research, excited to row, excited to make new friends, excited to become a doctor of  awesomeness. Well the doctor part comes in like ten years, but still, freshman year is the first step right?

Ok, so I have to stay true to my randomosity. This thought just popped in my head. I love squirrels, they are like so adorable. Especially the Ann Arbor squirrels, these squirrels will eat out of your hand, no joke! I have squirrel favorites, tonight I want to talk about Fattie!

But really quick! Just in via text! My math book has been found! Exactly where I thought it was too! With my friend who accidentally took it. I knew it! Yay! My math book! Now back to Fattie...

Fattie is like, the fattest squirrel on campus! He kind of slinks around clumsily so its more of a slunking and then he will get tired and flop down at random intervals. I say flop because he literally flops, flat out, like he got hit by a truck! Just picture it, super fat squirrel, splayed out (not simply laying) all four limbs out, flat on his belly! Well, it was funny to me. I need to start taking some pictures, I have some on my phone, but I don't know how to get them onto here and they are not that great of quality.

Goodnight world, have sweet thoughts, good dreams, and pray for my lovely bike so I can sleep!


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