Tuesday, August 10, 2010

 I must apologize to those who look here to satisfy a curiosity.

I havn't been on here in a couple days because of busyness and a couple personal issues.
Its alright though! We have it under control.
Math class is still blech and we are just watching movies in English, luckily they are funny.

I've been struggling lately with my body. I don't like it. I have chub, its not even bad, I'm not even "fat". I'm just like every other girl on this planet and compare myself to friggen Victoria's Secret models! I've been working out every day and trying to eat better, and I've made small progress, but not as much as I want. I finally got so exasperated that I though about exercising some more and then eating nothing but vegetables. Then my boyfriend told me he would rather me be happy than thin and it dawned on me; me too! I'm not going to try and live off rabbit food because I know I will end up giving up and just gorging myself on junk. I am simply going to enjoy the foods I want and continue exercising. Hopefully this will satisfy me and my boyfriend. I want to be so sexy, but I guess sexiness comes from confidence.

Math drained me. I need a nap. I will get my nap. After I'm done typing this.
Its really annoying because my window is open and they are doing something friggen loud outside!
It's okay though I'll bury my head in my pillow and sleeeeep. 


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