Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing Else

   I felt the urge to post again. Maybe to get in the habit of it, maybe just to type, who knows. I keep thinking about the possible success of this, and yet the very likely failure. I'll be sending in random posts from my phone which should turn out great because I have the best ideas at the most random times. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and enlightening people. I'm a very positive person!

  A random note: I was thinking, people are probably going to wonder why on earth my first post's name is "Lost Book". That is because today my most upsetting even was I lost my textbook. That really sucks because well, I need my textbook and I was hoping to be able to sell that back for a little bit of money at the end of summer term! I hope I find it, I really think my friend still has it, but he is not looking hard enough...I'll beat him up sometime, teehee! Goodnight all!

Don't forget to floss!!!


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