Thursday, August 19, 2010


I had a feeling this would happen.

I would write.

No one would read.

Really boring actually.

Am I really just boring?

That sucks.

People who know me tell me quite the opposite.

That I'm a trip!

Well here, how about a boring story as to why my feet hurt and why my hand smells great:

I have been packing up my room ALL day, so I've been on my feet all day. (It's amazing the amount of stuff you can cram into one little dorm room!) While packing, I found my lighter (ooo pretty) and I set it on my desk. I continued packing and singing aloud to my music playing (badly I might add), I lost my scissors for cutting the tape so I started using my fingernail clippers (hey it works). Then I lost those. While looking around for my scissors and my clippers (I still haven't found the darn clippers) I got bored so I took body splash and sprayed my hand down with it then set it on fire. Yes, I set my hand on fire. Of course, the fire couldn't stay long because it became very warm, so I would put it out very quickly. So now my hand smells like Midnight Pomegrante. **Another company I will more than willingly advertise for: BATH AND BODY WORKS. I love them! The people on there are always uber nice and they have tons of yummy smells to fuel my addiction for yummy smellies.** Then I found my scissors hiding under a book and continued packing and singing terribly. Woo fun.

Now I am going to bed.

Tomorrow, I move out...

Just to move back in 10 days later...

Coming up: A review on what the University of Michigan calls the "Summer Bridge Program"


Anonymous said...

You caught your hand on fire? That sounds painful. Glad you at least had a productive day.

Meow said...

It would have been painful if I hadn't put it out immediately!

Fiona said...

Bed Bath and Body Works is my favorite thing evarrr.(: I have they're coconut lotion. :D
I love your blog. <3 Take a look at mine? ;P

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