Tuesday, August 3, 2010


   Every morning I go to breakfast. I swipe my card. And every morning there is an old guy sitting there to watch me swipe my card. And EVERY MORNING he says "goooooood" in a slow creepy way every time I swipe my card. Honestly, it creeps me out, like dude, you really don't need to say anything. Just sit there, I know I'm swiping my card "good".

   So after the creepy gooood guy I go in and I eat my breakfast, I somehow picked up the retarded bent spoon. How do I manage to do that?

  I ate an egg and cheese biscuit. I know, not that interesting at all. But it made me think, one this is delicious, and second, I wondered if I looked like a fat person. The biscuit was uber crumby so crumbs would fall out of my mouth and I made a mess of myself.

        I can't stop thinking about my book. My dear math book. I hate math. But I need my book. It is needed, I don't like having to have to rely on other people's math books to do my homework!

A Curiosity: So while I was sitting and enjoying my biscuit sandwich and Honey Bunches of Oats I thought to myself, what if I took a homeless person to the dining area? I have guest meals, I'm sure they would appreciate it, but would I ever actually have the guts to do so? I really don't know. Would it be safe? Would they hunt me down for more food or just be grateful, could I change their life without endangering mine? These are the kinds of things I need readers for.

  Speaking of readers...I'm becoming discouraged. Not one view, not one comment. What is the point of this blog if no one reads it? How will I gain insight? How will others be amused at my wacky world.

I'll keep writing, hoping that someone will stumble upon this.

Something I Love: Naps. I love love love love naps. I love to sleep, I am not a lazy person, I just love the meditation of sleep. I also want to learn yoga. Teehee!

    Naps....hmmm....I'm actually tired right now! I need to go to the gym, but the cozy comfort of my bed is calling to me, I'm thinking maybe just a half an hour and then I'll have sufficient time to workout before workshop.

A note: There are little snippets you may start to notice on this blog- "A Curiosity, Something I Hate, and Something I Love" come to mind. More will probably work their way onto the blog but basically those show an intro to a part of my life.

Something I Hate: When I order the wrong book off of Amazon. I needed the Italian dictionary, not the English!


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