Monday, August 2, 2010

Lost Book - Read Me First!

           I'm hoping that this turns out to be more than "the-blog-I-tried-to-start-but-no-one-bothered-looking-at". I will try to make this interesting. I'm hoping that there are more people out there than me that have everyday random curiosities. Things that pop into one's head, but maybe no one ever really wants to talk about. I will remain anonymous in this blog because some of the things I say may come across as "rude" or "politically incorrect". A note for the future: anything I say is not an attack on ones personal self or race or sexuality.

   Another note, my thoughts on here will probably not be very organized. Teehee! A main reason I am starting this is because I have been told I should share my crazy self to the world...honestly, that sounds silly, but that was what I was told.

    I want this blog to be the go-to blog, where my readers can ask me questions of any sort and I can answer them. I want to be able to connect with people and I hope that will be possible! (I hope people will somehow find this blog and care enough to spread the word!) If there ever comes a time where I can get enough people that ads will bring in some money, I would love to try out different products that people want to know if they actually work.*There will be a note about Proactiv*

   Are we interested at all? Can we make this an interactive blog? I take constructive criticism openly! Things you want to see here let me know!!!

  ** So, my first product note! Proactiv Acne Solutions is what the commercials that you see all over the place describe as the "miracle skin care". I have been using Proactiv for the past couple months and it's not bad. It's also not that spectacular. I didn't have bad skin to begin with though, just those pesky breakouts, a few blackheads, nothing terrible - pretty average skin. One thing I noticed was it does make my skin nice and soft because of the little crystals in the wash - they exfoliate the skin. So, it's good its just not amazing like the commercial says it is. **

If you have any questions about my Proactive use, just holler!


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