Thursday, December 9, 2010

Abstract? No Thanks.

I need to do an abstract on my lab research...I really don't feel like it. So I'm writing into the abyss of nobody.

Its funny, I happen to be sitting behind a large group of knitters.
There is a very funny dude here, he has many funny things to say:

  • "If we can make so many Barbies, why can't we clone humans by now?"
  • "It was a bias-incident against velociraptors." 
  • "You can not inverse racism" 
  • "I would love to stab the needle cushion with this. - And I return thy Excalibur to thy stone."
Oh, darn knitting group is gone, now I'm left here sort of angry and tired. It's only 8!  My eyes itch and I really don't want to go to math tomorrow, but I will because my boyfriend has made it clear that he thinks I'm just lazy and thats why I don't want to go. It's really just because math is the worst subject on this planet. I'm going to fail my exam, but honestly I don't really care, that is how much I hate math. There is nothing even relatively interesting about it. That would be the reason I have certainly not been doing my homework. I'm scraping by in math and I don't care. I actually probably do care, but I'm really trying not to. It really doesn't help that I'll go to my friggen 2 hour class and learn, well, nothing. The class is far too early and I'm not awake or interested. 

Ugh... curse you math.... curse you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here I am Again World.....

Hello there World!
And by world I mean the people (or lack of people) who actually read this. "Summer Bridge" is not hard, easy, does not prepare you for college. College is hard! Lots and lots and lots of work. Which is why it has certainly been awhile. It really doesn't help with the lack of people reading or following.

So right now... its late. Quite late, but I have shiny Nice healthy looking shiny nails, all thanks to the guy at them mall who pulled me in and put both me and my boyfriend into a trance with his amazing Israel accent and pretty blue green eyes. He got us to spend over $50 on some random stuff that makes your nails all shiny....oye. I wish I had more money....could I be any more original? 

What's been going on? Good question, time flies so fast....sooo fast. Between the last time I blogged and now here are some things that happened
  • Got a bright pink Christmas tree (woo hoo, Kohls sale)
  • Fought with my boyfriend about pilates (he doesn't even know what it is)
  • Laughed at my fat pet rats
  • Killed cancer cells in the lab
  • Discovered Peter Chao on youtube
  • Began practicing Italian with Assasin's Creed 2
  • Saw the Social Network
  • Tried Green Tea frozen yogurt
  • Screamed so the whole apartment building could hear me....(yes, that kind of scream LOL)
  • Saved over $500 on Black Friday
  • Got a delicious new flat screen             
Yup, so nothing any other human being hasn't done. By the way Hot Damn 100 proof is wicked.

Why am I writing right now? 
Feel like it. Boyfriend is stuck on his silly game and doesn't want to come to bed, plus I'm sort of trying to change my life. I want better grades, a healthier psych, and nicer bod. Again, just like any other human.

Sure, I can wish that people would love me and be dying to read my blog like in the movies. You know, the girl who gets the latest gossip or whatever and everyone just HAS to read it. This is not that blog, in fact I could probably care less about the JUICIEST GOSSIP, sorry, I'm boring. Which is probably why no one wants to read this. I have nothing new to say and usually nothing mean to say. I say usually because sometimes I get pissed....see my little explosion about some stupid little celebrity slut feeling the need to shut down a ride at one of the best places in the world...Cedar Point. 

So no one will read this, or maybe I'll get lucky and touch the human side of people. Here, a list of my very human qualities:
  • I feel like hardly anything fits me right, why can't I look like the mannequins?
  • Skinny girls who complain about how fat they are make me want to shove a cupcake in their mouth and push them down a hill.
  • I wish my life were like a TV show sometimes.
  • My family drives me insane and I wonder what they really care about.
  • I want a puppy more than anything, my own apartment and a puppy, please take everything away and give me a puppy. (Save my boyfriend, he's pretty darn good to me)
  • I wish I had more money, I feel like if I had more money, I could fix my problems, though I know thats not true
  • I want attention. Not a lot. Enough to say, hey you're noticed, you are worth someone's time.
  • I'm not fat, I just think I am. (One of the stupidest things I've said but its true, I'm not nice and skinny therefore, I'm fat, not logical, but I'd like to know someone else who can honestly say that with me)
  • I want more friends
  • I think I'm a fantastic cook
  • I feel better when I shop
  • I want my boyfriend to know how to dress, its a big turn on when men dress well.
  • I want to be the best at SOMETHING
So, there has GOT to be something in there that SOMEONE on this planet relates to. I'll say this now: 
The more feedback I get, the more I will write.
The less feedback I get the less I will write.....unless I just feel the need to write, then well, I'll simply write.
BUT if you LIKE it, COMMENT on it, if you DON'T LIKE it, COMMENT on it. I DO respond to COMMENTS in posts after the comment, or I comment on the comment. 

Guess I wish I could write just for the love of writing, not caring if anyone even read it, but then, what would be the point of typing it all up, onto the internet? For the sake of maybe someone will read this? Maybe, we will see as time passes. 

Peace, Love, and Cookies

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another eventful week at the University of Michigan.

We kicked Notre Dames' butt!!!! Ha ha ha! We are victorious!
    Yes, it appeared to be a close game, but we still beat them even after they got a touchdown that they, well, shouldn't have gotten!
                  Most people know that you have to have the ball in hand when you make a touchdown. Apparently, that rule doesn't apply to Notre Dame...
               If you want to see this guy totally drop the football before he enters the endzone, click the linkymabob:

Hahaha, I laugh again.

Ok, so watching an away football game in a dormitory is grand. Everybody is in their room, watching the game and you always know when something has happened. When our team makes a goal or interception the entire building erupts into cheers.
            The whole thing.
                     And then, after being victorious,
                          everyone yells back and forth at eachother for about a half an hour and its one big party!                  
                                       Woo Yea GO BLUE!

New Topic!

         When you work at a yogurt bar, you notice some amazing stereotypes! Based on my first week of work this is what I have gathered:
           Sorority Girls: Afraid to get fat so they want minimal gelato or yogurt. They'll have fruit as their topping, if they get a topping at all.
            Frat boys: Enjoy random flavors of frozen yogurt (aka froyo) with weird cereals and candies for toppings.
            Asians (no racism): Love original or green tea tart froyo with moshi... they love moshi!

A nice little story from work about some sorority girls...
          I was serving them some gelato and typically, I like to be the "cool employee" who gives the extra toppings, extra gelato, etc. So, I'm putting the gelato in the little gelato cup. (They are quite little, and expensive) I put like maybe half a cups worth in and she started freaking out and begging me (yes, begging me - with the please please please and all) not to put anymore in the cup....craziness...
         If you've ever had gelato.... you know
                                that it is AMAZING!

I got a new microwave this week. Yay! I'm soooo happy about it, its very very shiny! YAY SHINY!

              My roommate blew a fuse today with the microwave! It was funny. Our RA had to call fix-it and they came and well...fixed it...

Have a great week everybody and remember, though I probably will not have time to actually write up a blog during the week (crazy crazy life), I do check my e-mail often and I check for comments!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School!


Most people....
   are not
         excited to get
              back to school

But I am!

I'm back on campus people and I'm ready for life!

No more stupid required events and meetings or whatever.
I'm required to attend what I signed up to attend.

My room is grand, my roommate is grand, my residence hall is grand, my campus is grand, even my job is grand....yes...a job. (I know, shocking in this economy)

Classes start on Tuesday, so hopefully they are also grand.

      By the way....
          I hope you all were watching the aMAIZEing football game this past Saturday.
                  Because yes....we kicked some butt....
                       Some major butt...
                           TAKE THAT YOU LOUSY YUKONS!!!
                    Ha ha! GO BLUE!
Yes...we broke a record. Because we rock. With our awesome Big House.

            So yes...
                   Go Blue...
                         If you can't go Blue....
                 Then go maize....
  And if you can't do that....well....
                               Then GO HOME

New subject:
    My Job

I love my job!

I will not disclose it's exact name, but it serves Gelato, frozen yogurt, and smoothies!

         I love love love all three of those things! (Notice I put three loves there! Ha ha, I'm so clever!)

So, I work at what they call a frozen yogurt bar.
    I think that makes me either a bartender or a barista.....I really don't know!
        I just know I make delicious things for the great people of Ann Arbor.

I have funny customers sometimes, I love them. The great people who make me chuckle!
        The little girl who doesn't care what kind of gelato she gets as long as it's pink.
            The little boy who just wants a few gummy bears...thats ice cream.
   And my favorite of today:
            The chick who reminded me so much of myself...
                       She wanted half one flavor and half the other, though they didn't twist. Then she wanted her animal crackers smashed up to be more crumbly than they already were.

I love my customers!
            **If you happen to be one of the customers mentioned above (you know it is you) and don't like being up here, just send me an e-mail. I'll take it off promptly! Everything I write about you my dear customers is out of love!**

Alright people!
   If you like this...
            spread the word!
My inspiration for this entry here is from my most recent follower and her lovely comment about the awesomeness of Bath & Body Works! (BTW, I have the Exotic Coconut lotion also and I LOVE IT!)

Go tell all your friends about the crazy college girl!
     Tell them if they write I WILL RESPOND!
I'm quite the little opinionated person and I give fabulous advice also!

Random: After working hours in a yogurt really want a cheeseburger....unless of course you're a vegetarian....then wouldn't want a cheeseburger....maybe a pretzel or somethin...just a thought!

Thank you followers!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

U of M Summer Bridge Program

You apply to the University of Michigan, you get in (yay!), but they say you are required to attend what they call the "Summer Bridge Program".

I went into the Bridge program with high hopes. I was excited to get immersed into college life and get to know campus. Things were going well in the nice air conditioned dormitory and the food was delicious! The classes were ridiculously easy and yet you had to attend and participate or else you were at risk for getting kicked out of Bridge.
Ok, I can take that, easy classes (which are worth credits!). I really hated waking up sooo early for math to be honest! Oh well.

The kicker for Bridge was the "mandatory events"
These were completely useless. (Well, most of them anyways)
If we did not attend these "events" we were written up or required to write a 10 page paper! What is even worse about these events is a lot of them were spur of the moment. The PAs would tell us the day before or even hours before about the event we were required to attend. When you are an adult away at college you do make plans!

I remember a couple specific events that really pissed me off. The first one was not on any schedule any where, we were told that there was a "surprise" mandatory event in two hours. The problem was that a large group of friends and I had made plans to go and see "Despicable Me" in an hour. We had this plan for about a week. We told the PAs we had these plans and we had had them for a week and they just told us that "sometimes there are things you just have to do". We were all thinking, this better be important, PAs are making a big enough fuss over it. So, two hours later we show up....what is it? It's a water balloon fight. We sat on a hill, the water balloon fight happened (with not nearly enough water balloons for everyone, they actually had to run around in little groups, one balloon per like 4 people) After about 45 seconds it was all over. That was it. They didn't even take attendance. We missed our movie for the lamest mandatory water balloon fight in history.

The next mandatory event was quite ridiculous also. During this one, everyone had midterms coming up and important papers to write for class. But, with a 4 hour notice we were notified via e-mail (and what if we decided not to check out e-mail that day, you'll see) that we were required to go to "The Arb" as a group for group activities. The Arb is like a mini forest with a couple clearings and like garden thing. So we all went to this thing (thinking about our papers and study time). The PAs led us to one of the clearings and we had a relay race. Then they tried to get us to play duck duck goose. (Really? And they keep calling us "adults", when was the last time you played mandatory duck duck goose?) Then we had to play tag, if you didn't participate in tag you had to write a 5 page paper. Seriously. What on earth am I supposed to be getting out of this!? This all took about 3 hours. 3 hours of wasted time. I hate my time wasted! One of my biggest pet peeves is my time wasted, just please, don't do it.
Now, what if you didn't get that e-mail?
The next day I was talking with one of my girlfriends. She was telling me about how it was her sister or cousins or bff's birthday (someone close to her) so they all went out to the mall and out to dinner. She never got the e-mail and she wasn't around to hear word of mouth. There are no rules about going into town, etc. She got in trouble. She was told she needed to write a 10 page paper. When she went to the "boss" of the PAs to explain what had happened, he told her it was her fault she didn't attend therefore she needs to write the paper. Yes, this is stupid.

Bridge Program. Should be shorter. Enough to know the campus. Not enough to waste my entire summer. Oh well, I'm moving out today! For a 10 day break and then on to Fall Term where I will be over worked and under rested!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I had a feeling this would happen.

I would write.

No one would read.

Really boring actually.

Am I really just boring?

That sucks.

People who know me tell me quite the opposite.

That I'm a trip!

Well here, how about a boring story as to why my feet hurt and why my hand smells great:

I have been packing up my room ALL day, so I've been on my feet all day. (It's amazing the amount of stuff you can cram into one little dorm room!) While packing, I found my lighter (ooo pretty) and I set it on my desk. I continued packing and singing aloud to my music playing (badly I might add), I lost my scissors for cutting the tape so I started using my fingernail clippers (hey it works). Then I lost those. While looking around for my scissors and my clippers (I still haven't found the darn clippers) I got bored so I took body splash and sprayed my hand down with it then set it on fire. Yes, I set my hand on fire. Of course, the fire couldn't stay long because it became very warm, so I would put it out very quickly. So now my hand smells like Midnight Pomegrante. **Another company I will more than willingly advertise for: BATH AND BODY WORKS. I love them! The people on there are always uber nice and they have tons of yummy smells to fuel my addiction for yummy smellies.** Then I found my scissors hiding under a book and continued packing and singing terribly. Woo fun.

Now I am going to bed.

Tomorrow, I move out...

Just to move back in 10 days later...

Coming up: A review on what the University of Michigan calls the "Summer Bridge Program"

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm awake. Uber. Yay Starbucks! Triple espresso and I guess I'm able to stay up until 5am without being so much as tired. I would really like to do my man right now, but my roommate is sleeping not 6ft oye.... Tell me what is it that I am supposed to do with all this extra energy? I'm out of homework, and I don't feel like walking anywhere, I'm sick of doing that. Wayyy too much walking today, I'm done walking. Stupid lady pointing me in the wrong direction making me back track like 2 miles....ugh. Oh well then I will figure it out.

Oh, my dear readers, I'm actually shocked I got no comments on my hateful post. I expected some kind of reaction...

Something I learned today: Glen Beck is an idiot.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm going to start with this: I don't like the Jonas Brothers, I hate the stupid Beiber kid (I don't effing care if I spelled the faggots' name wrong), I hate! hate! hate! Miley effing Cyrus. I don't like any of the stupid little Disney stars. I have not seen a single "star" that came from Disney with an ounce of talent. Hold that, I will give the Jonas Brothers some credit, not a lot, but some. They have stuck to what they believe and they are not terrible, I guess I'm more irritated about their over-ratedness than anything, but yea, that is why they got a don't like instead of a hate. But anywho, Beiber (or whatever) is just stupid, under talented and overrated, but not nearly as bad as the nasty female I am about to rant about. I hate Miley Cyrus, ok! I am a hater, I will put that out there. I have to add that I'm not the crazy hater that goes out of my way to watch her videos or whatever just to write hateful comments. I actually go out of my way to avoid seeing her (in any form)(friggen identity crisis, who the F are you, Miley or Hannah? Would you just effing choose one!) On that note, I think she is choosing Miley, but still, whatever. So yes, I avoid her, and usually my hate is pretty subsided; I grumble when I see her all over effing every store, but nothing that truly enrages me! Until today...

I have an addiction to the Yahoo articles on the main page. Almost every day I scroll through the articles and look for random interesting things (Things your waiter won't tell you, myths on everyday life, how to improve your relationship, etc, etc, I don't really give a crap about celebrity stuff) So, as I was innocently scrolling through my articles (Lalalalala) it hit me (BAM) and I was pissed. "Teen Star Visits Cedar Point" I saw cedar point in the title and thought to myself "It better not be..." I scrolled over it to temporarily enlarge it and sure enough that nasty good-for-nothing hoebag was sitting in one of my favorite roller coasters sporting a "peace" sign with her fingers, like she was an innocent little spit. Go the F away!

Alright alright, so what's the big deal? Why does this anger me so? I love Cedar Point. Love it! I will advertise the crap out if it if they wanted me to. Cedar Point is THE BEST BEST BEST amusement park in the WORLD, literally. It really is. Look it up. I've been going there since I was like seven or some crap like that, yes I LOVE it. Get it? So, honestly, I really don't blame her for going. Everyone who likes roller coasters should go to Cedar Point (please people, don't bring your baby to Cedar Point and sit around and eat the yummy food and do nothing. Cedar Point is not a place for babies and young children, they don't belong and it bugs me when people bring their little ones to Cedar Point. What a waste of $40!) Back to what I was talking about. So I am sure almost (if not every) celebrity who likes coasters has gone to Cedar Point. (It is the best) Why the F is the press giving this disgusting creature exposure for going to cedar point? I'd be even more pissed if she got to cut in line...

Just in! If I could become more enraged right now! I clicked the article to see if she got to cut in line or whatever, and even worse, they shut and effing ride down for her. Why should she get privileges, I know lots of people with money that don't get those kinds of privileges. She has zero talents and she is obviously stupid as F because she thinks taking her clothes off and making sexual movements all over the place while half naked isn't slutty its "part of her theme". Stupid whore.

So yea. There was no reason to tell me that she tainted my sacred place of fun. She could have gone and no one told me about it, just like all the other stars that went (I know they did, come on people) and I would have been fine. I would have happily gone on in my life not ever knowing that she smeared a poopstain on my cute whitey tighties.
Case Closed.

Another thing I hate now. (Not nearly as bad as fowl thing mentioned above, more of a simple irritation) I was watching a documentary on comedy today, there were several interviews on past comedians and such. These interviews were held indoors at various locations and usually had like a dim lighting. There was this one guy wearing sunglasses though. And every time it showed him, it bugged me more and more. Why on earth is he wearing sunglasses inside? Is he blind? Does he think he is just so cool that he should wear spiffy sunglasses inside for interviews? or maybe he thought it was funny, being a comedy documentary. I don't know, I would understand if he was blind, but he didn't seem blind, so it just bugged me. Wearing sunglasses inside does not look cool, it looks stupid.

I'll talk about something I like real quick! Scratching an itch. It really is one of the best feelings ever. It's annoying, it's annoying, and then you itch it and you're like aahhh and you're full of this relief and gratification. Especially when someone gives you a good back scratch, ooohh, that feels good. Thought I might end on a positive note!
 I must apologize to those who look here to satisfy a curiosity.

I havn't been on here in a couple days because of busyness and a couple personal issues.
Its alright though! We have it under control.
Math class is still blech and we are just watching movies in English, luckily they are funny.

I've been struggling lately with my body. I don't like it. I have chub, its not even bad, I'm not even "fat". I'm just like every other girl on this planet and compare myself to friggen Victoria's Secret models! I've been working out every day and trying to eat better, and I've made small progress, but not as much as I want. I finally got so exasperated that I though about exercising some more and then eating nothing but vegetables. Then my boyfriend told me he would rather me be happy than thin and it dawned on me; me too! I'm not going to try and live off rabbit food because I know I will end up giving up and just gorging myself on junk. I am simply going to enjoy the foods I want and continue exercising. Hopefully this will satisfy me and my boyfriend. I want to be so sexy, but I guess sexiness comes from confidence.

Math drained me. I need a nap. I will get my nap. After I'm done typing this.
Its really annoying because my window is open and they are doing something friggen loud outside!
It's okay though I'll bury my head in my pillow and sleeeeep. 

Friday, August 6, 2010


It is late.
For sure late.
Well, maybe not for most people.

I was just invited to go break into a cemetery. I said no. Sorry, it is dark. I'm terrified of the dark outside...esp in a cemetery. What is it that I'm supposed to do in a cemetery anyways? Sounds terrifying! Just walk around and be scared? That doesn't sound fun at all, especially since its not just going to a cemetery, it's breaking into the cemetery, therefore I get to be scared of the dark AND being caught! Nah, I think I'll save myself the stress and snuggle up in my memory foam in my little air conditioned dorm room.

Today was an uneventful day. I actually barely got on here because I was becoming discouraged. Discouraged to write anything, because no one reads anything I write here anyways. But then I got on and saw an anonymous comment. Thank you anonymous commenter, whether you were being sarcastic or not about my coolness (yes, I know, I'm not actually "sooo cool" it was just a coolkid feeling, come on, its my first time ever in college, it'll wear off I guarantee it!)

The longer this goes with no comments, the more likely I am to stop my writing, or not. I really don't know. I enjoy it, but at the same time I want to know other people are enjoying it too! I have a confusing mind I know. It would really help if people commented on what they would like to hear from me, if you don't like me rambling incessantly about nothing, tell me what you WANT to hear! (Well, read)

I have some irritation at my body. It's "that time of the month" for me, (If that is TMI I apologize) which makes me bloated. As whoever has been reading knows, I have been working m rear end off trying to get a better body, but with my bloating I can't tell if I'm making progress or not! Ugh!!! I need a haircut topic, but that's what I do right? I don't stay on topic.

So I saw one of "my squirrels" on campus today. His name is Carcinogen. Terrible name. He gets his name because I swear he has cancer. Every day that I have seen him he seems to be progressively worse. Today he was completely bald and bony and his tail looked like a rat tail with a few random flecks of squirrel tail fur. It breaks my heart! I love my squirrels and he is just withering away!

I've been looking for some dorm door decorations for when the fall term starts and well, I can't find what I want! Oye. Sleep sounds downright amazing right now. Tomorrow will be full of homework, which will probably lead to several small random blog entries.

Again, thank you for thy comments. They ARE appreciated. They are the frosting on the cupcake.

And I love frosting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Shiz

So ya, I'm a new freshman if you didn't already figure that out from my fascination with college life. I was just walking around the dorm building in some cotton shorts and a cami with my phone tucked in one side of my shirt and my i-pod in the other and my laptop resting on my shoulder. Why is this significant? Because it made me feel cool. I felt like such a cool college kid with all my stuff - a little irritated about my shirt constantly riding up, but full of pride at the same time. (More irritation honestly though, my body isn't that great yet. I'm working on it!) The only thing missing was some bubble gum for me to blow bubbles with!

Now off to work this fat off my body!

Kool Kid

  I just remembered. Yesterday, while eating lunch I had a random thought that I wanted to blog. I was thinking, what if I had a magical article of clothing, that when I put it on people couldn't see "me", they saw their version of a super hot woman. I was wondering this and thinking, if I could do that, I could get like, everything I wanted all the time. It would be kind of weird though, because I wouldn't really want a bunch of men throwing themselves at me and I would look like different to every person! So no one would know what I actually looked like! And because of that I could go take off the article of clothing and walk around and no one would know who I was....That sort of sounds sucky, I would have to start to wonder who were my real friends and who really loved me. It would be fun to mess around with on those days when I am hungry and I need some free food!

Speaking of food, I don't know if I should go to lunch or not. Sometime today I think I might go feed the squirrels.


Out of math class and preparing for my nap. I just wanted to throw up a post telling you about how the blog is currently being "renovated". I'm trying to make it amazing and it's taking a little more time than I wanted, so please bear with me and missing links and stuff! I'm working on it! A college students' life is insane, I promise so I'm not putting it off, I'm just busy as a bee!
Buzz Buzz!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleepy Eyes

 I have these really big brown eyes. Really they are like the best part of my face. Right now they are very tired eyes, these eyes want to sleep, these eyes are drooping slightly. But the mind, the mind behind the eyes is awake and full of thoughts, mainly about my bike and my love and my fall semester.

I'm thinking about naming my bike Sheeny, I don't know why, just Sheeny came to mind while I was looking at her poor naked, invaded frame. Naked, with no seat. Poor thing. I keep thinking about her safety tonight. I'm scared that the lousy bike thieves are going to come back and try to get her. Take her apart, saw through the locks, I don't know. I love my bike, like I loved my car, Roberta, but that is a different story for a different day.

My love, oh my love, my love...I love my love. He is the only one that knows my identity on this blog, which sort of makes it difficult because well, I guess he didn't know all of this that goes on in my mind. I thought he did,  but I guess not. It kind of puts me down, I was hoping he would like it, like getting that outside perspective on me, something. He doesn't get mad very easily, unless I'm cramming how right I am down his throat - he doesn't like that. I love him dearly, I do. He is so patient with my crazy antics, I personally wouldn't deal with me, but he does. He keeps me in check, which is something I need. He is actually making fun of me at the moment about how intense I look while typing! He makes me laugh which makes me happy. We are that perfect couple that every body loves to hate because we are just so darn happy together. Let's hope I don't get in trouble for writing up this entry!  

Fall semester: very excited, very excited not to get treated like a summer camp kid, excited to do research, excited to row, excited to make new friends, excited to become a doctor of  awesomeness. Well the doctor part comes in like ten years, but still, freshman year is the first step right?

Ok, so I have to stay true to my randomosity. This thought just popped in my head. I love squirrels, they are like so adorable. Especially the Ann Arbor squirrels, these squirrels will eat out of your hand, no joke! I have squirrel favorites, tonight I want to talk about Fattie!

But really quick! Just in via text! My math book has been found! Exactly where I thought it was too! With my friend who accidentally took it. I knew it! Yay! My math book! Now back to Fattie...

Fattie is like, the fattest squirrel on campus! He kind of slinks around clumsily so its more of a slunking and then he will get tired and flop down at random intervals. I say flop because he literally flops, flat out, like he got hit by a truck! Just picture it, super fat squirrel, splayed out (not simply laying) all four limbs out, flat on his belly! Well, it was funny to me. I need to start taking some pictures, I have some on my phone, but I don't know how to get them onto here and they are not that great of quality.

Goodnight world, have sweet thoughts, good dreams, and pray for my lovely bike so I can sleep!

Crime Super Sucks!

  After my frustration of last night's crime alert I tossed and turned all night, barely sleeping. I woke up, dragged myself into the shower and went down to breakfast. (The creepy guy didn't say goooood!)  I then walked out of the cafeteria and went to my bicycle. I unlocked it then looked down and realized some asshole stole my seat! So my bike seat is stolen, which made me late for my math class. Oye.....I miss my seat. Is that totally weird? I MISS my seat! I long for it back, I don't want a new one, I want MINE!  

Something I Hate: Boring math class and butt heads who steal!!!

This whole fiasco makes me want to curl up and watch a stupid movie with my boyfriend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crime Sucks

    Ok, so when a crime is committed we get an e-mail about it to alert us and so that the police department can try to get more info. Well, today I got an alert for a sexual assault. We hear about these all the time, but don't really think much of them, until it happens to us or someone we know, right? But, this downright pissed me off, I quote:
  Summary: An unknown man, who appeared to be performing maintenance and was carrying tools, approached two children outside playing and fondled one child before walking away.
   Children??? Really?! What bastard would do that? In my community?! I love Ann Arbor and Campus and the people in it. This shouldn't be happening. Why would someone even think of doing that? There are so many things I would like to say out of anger, but I won't. First of all, because no one seems to be actually reading this, secondly because the things I would like to say would not make any sense written down. People please, can we just be good people? Look out for children and hit these kinds of people in the skull with a nine iron. 



   I was walking back from the gym today and realized how beautiful life is. People take everything for granted. Winter washes everything out, but summer is so beautiful. The green of the trees and the sunlight pushing its way through the leaves. Just lovely. I walked into the dorm building and heard piano music being played on the floor above me. If I wasn't rushing to get to workshop, I probably would have gone upstairs and listened a little longer. I wish people could appreciate the world around them more. Here's a snippet!

    Something I Love: Sunlight pushing its way through green leaves and the sound of melodic piano playing.

I have been inspired. I am going to try and find a piano class to get into now. Hopefully, that will count for some credits. I'm also going to join the rowing team. Super random, I would have never thought of joining any kind of team, seeing that I'm bad at any sport imaginable, but I'm very seriously considering it.

   Some coffee sounds really really good right now, and some food. I chose to workout instead of eat so now I am now quite hungry! I have the rumblies in my tummy!


   Every morning I go to breakfast. I swipe my card. And every morning there is an old guy sitting there to watch me swipe my card. And EVERY MORNING he says "goooooood" in a slow creepy way every time I swipe my card. Honestly, it creeps me out, like dude, you really don't need to say anything. Just sit there, I know I'm swiping my card "good".

   So after the creepy gooood guy I go in and I eat my breakfast, I somehow picked up the retarded bent spoon. How do I manage to do that?

  I ate an egg and cheese biscuit. I know, not that interesting at all. But it made me think, one this is delicious, and second, I wondered if I looked like a fat person. The biscuit was uber crumby so crumbs would fall out of my mouth and I made a mess of myself.

        I can't stop thinking about my book. My dear math book. I hate math. But I need my book. It is needed, I don't like having to have to rely on other people's math books to do my homework!

A Curiosity: So while I was sitting and enjoying my biscuit sandwich and Honey Bunches of Oats I thought to myself, what if I took a homeless person to the dining area? I have guest meals, I'm sure they would appreciate it, but would I ever actually have the guts to do so? I really don't know. Would it be safe? Would they hunt me down for more food or just be grateful, could I change their life without endangering mine? These are the kinds of things I need readers for.

  Speaking of readers...I'm becoming discouraged. Not one view, not one comment. What is the point of this blog if no one reads it? How will I gain insight? How will others be amused at my wacky world.

I'll keep writing, hoping that someone will stumble upon this.

Something I Love: Naps. I love love love love naps. I love to sleep, I am not a lazy person, I just love the meditation of sleep. I also want to learn yoga. Teehee!

    Naps....hmmm....I'm actually tired right now! I need to go to the gym, but the cozy comfort of my bed is calling to me, I'm thinking maybe just a half an hour and then I'll have sufficient time to workout before workshop.

A note: There are little snippets you may start to notice on this blog- "A Curiosity, Something I Hate, and Something I Love" come to mind. More will probably work their way onto the blog but basically those show an intro to a part of my life.

Something I Hate: When I order the wrong book off of Amazon. I needed the Italian dictionary, not the English!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Something I Hate:

 When you are lying in bed, all comfy and ready to sleep then some idiot walks by and knocks on the door, forcing you to get up to see no one.

Nothing Else

   I felt the urge to post again. Maybe to get in the habit of it, maybe just to type, who knows. I keep thinking about the possible success of this, and yet the very likely failure. I'll be sending in random posts from my phone which should turn out great because I have the best ideas at the most random times. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and enlightening people. I'm a very positive person!

  A random note: I was thinking, people are probably going to wonder why on earth my first post's name is "Lost Book". That is because today my most upsetting even was I lost my textbook. That really sucks because well, I need my textbook and I was hoping to be able to sell that back for a little bit of money at the end of summer term! I hope I find it, I really think my friend still has it, but he is not looking hard enough...I'll beat him up sometime, teehee! Goodnight all!

Don't forget to floss!!!

Lost Book - Read Me First!

           I'm hoping that this turns out to be more than "the-blog-I-tried-to-start-but-no-one-bothered-looking-at". I will try to make this interesting. I'm hoping that there are more people out there than me that have everyday random curiosities. Things that pop into one's head, but maybe no one ever really wants to talk about. I will remain anonymous in this blog because some of the things I say may come across as "rude" or "politically incorrect". A note for the future: anything I say is not an attack on ones personal self or race or sexuality.

   Another note, my thoughts on here will probably not be very organized. Teehee! A main reason I am starting this is because I have been told I should share my crazy self to the world...honestly, that sounds silly, but that was what I was told.

    I want this blog to be the go-to blog, where my readers can ask me questions of any sort and I can answer them. I want to be able to connect with people and I hope that will be possible! (I hope people will somehow find this blog and care enough to spread the word!) If there ever comes a time where I can get enough people that ads will bring in some money, I would love to try out different products that people want to know if they actually work.*There will be a note about Proactiv*

   Are we interested at all? Can we make this an interactive blog? I take constructive criticism openly! Things you want to see here let me know!!!

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