Tuesday, August 3, 2010


   I was walking back from the gym today and realized how beautiful life is. People take everything for granted. Winter washes everything out, but summer is so beautiful. The green of the trees and the sunlight pushing its way through the leaves. Just lovely. I walked into the dorm building and heard piano music being played on the floor above me. If I wasn't rushing to get to workshop, I probably would have gone upstairs and listened a little longer. I wish people could appreciate the world around them more. Here's a snippet!

    Something I Love: Sunlight pushing its way through green leaves and the sound of melodic piano playing.

I have been inspired. I am going to try and find a piano class to get into now. Hopefully, that will count for some credits. I'm also going to join the rowing team. Super random, I would have never thought of joining any kind of team, seeing that I'm bad at any sport imaginable, but I'm very seriously considering it.

   Some coffee sounds really really good right now, and some food. I chose to workout instead of eat so now I am now quite hungry! I have the rumblies in my tummy!


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