Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Shiz

So ya, I'm a new freshman if you didn't already figure that out from my fascination with college life. I was just walking around the dorm building in some cotton shorts and a cami with my phone tucked in one side of my shirt and my i-pod in the other and my laptop resting on my shoulder. Why is this significant? Because it made me feel cool. I felt like such a cool college kid with all my stuff - a little irritated about my shirt constantly riding up, but full of pride at the same time. (More irritation honestly though, my body isn't that great yet. I'm working on it!) The only thing missing was some bubble gum for me to blow bubbles with!

Now off to work this fat off my body!


Anonymous said...

your just so cool.

Meow said...

LOL, I know right?! Or are you speaking with the art of sarcasm?

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