Friday, August 6, 2010


It is late.
For sure late.
Well, maybe not for most people.

I was just invited to go break into a cemetery. I said no. Sorry, it is dark. I'm terrified of the dark outside...esp in a cemetery. What is it that I'm supposed to do in a cemetery anyways? Sounds terrifying! Just walk around and be scared? That doesn't sound fun at all, especially since its not just going to a cemetery, it's breaking into the cemetery, therefore I get to be scared of the dark AND being caught! Nah, I think I'll save myself the stress and snuggle up in my memory foam in my little air conditioned dorm room.

Today was an uneventful day. I actually barely got on here because I was becoming discouraged. Discouraged to write anything, because no one reads anything I write here anyways. But then I got on and saw an anonymous comment. Thank you anonymous commenter, whether you were being sarcastic or not about my coolness (yes, I know, I'm not actually "sooo cool" it was just a coolkid feeling, come on, its my first time ever in college, it'll wear off I guarantee it!)

The longer this goes with no comments, the more likely I am to stop my writing, or not. I really don't know. I enjoy it, but at the same time I want to know other people are enjoying it too! I have a confusing mind I know. It would really help if people commented on what they would like to hear from me, if you don't like me rambling incessantly about nothing, tell me what you WANT to hear! (Well, read)

I have some irritation at my body. It's "that time of the month" for me, (If that is TMI I apologize) which makes me bloated. As whoever has been reading knows, I have been working m rear end off trying to get a better body, but with my bloating I can't tell if I'm making progress or not! Ugh!!! I need a haircut topic, but that's what I do right? I don't stay on topic.

So I saw one of "my squirrels" on campus today. His name is Carcinogen. Terrible name. He gets his name because I swear he has cancer. Every day that I have seen him he seems to be progressively worse. Today he was completely bald and bony and his tail looked like a rat tail with a few random flecks of squirrel tail fur. It breaks my heart! I love my squirrels and he is just withering away!

I've been looking for some dorm door decorations for when the fall term starts and well, I can't find what I want! Oye. Sleep sounds downright amazing right now. Tomorrow will be full of homework, which will probably lead to several small random blog entries.

Again, thank you for thy comments. They ARE appreciated. They are the frosting on the cupcake.

And I love frosting!


Anonymous said...

hey, i read your post!! i think everyone likes comments! i like your blog. i am going to follow it! prepare to be stalked! lol.

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