Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kool Kid

  I just remembered. Yesterday, while eating lunch I had a random thought that I wanted to blog. I was thinking, what if I had a magical article of clothing, that when I put it on people couldn't see "me", they saw their version of a super hot woman. I was wondering this and thinking, if I could do that, I could get like, everything I wanted all the time. It would be kind of weird though, because I wouldn't really want a bunch of men throwing themselves at me and I would look like different to every person! So no one would know what I actually looked like! And because of that I could go take off the article of clothing and walk around and no one would know who I was....That sort of sounds sucky, I would have to start to wonder who were my real friends and who really loved me. It would be fun to mess around with on those days when I am hungry and I need some free food!

Speaking of food, I don't know if I should go to lunch or not. Sometime today I think I might go feed the squirrels.


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