Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another eventful week at the University of Michigan.

We kicked Notre Dames' butt!!!! Ha ha ha! We are victorious!
    Yes, it appeared to be a close game, but we still beat them even after they got a touchdown that they, well, shouldn't have gotten!
                  Most people know that you have to have the ball in hand when you make a touchdown. Apparently, that rule doesn't apply to Notre Dame...
               If you want to see this guy totally drop the football before he enters the endzone, click the linkymabob:

Hahaha, I laugh again.

Ok, so watching an away football game in a dormitory is grand. Everybody is in their room, watching the game and you always know when something has happened. When our team makes a goal or interception the entire building erupts into cheers.
            The whole thing.
                     And then, after being victorious,
                          everyone yells back and forth at eachother for about a half an hour and its one big party!                  
                                       Woo Yea GO BLUE!

New Topic!

         When you work at a yogurt bar, you notice some amazing stereotypes! Based on my first week of work this is what I have gathered:
           Sorority Girls: Afraid to get fat so they want minimal gelato or yogurt. They'll have fruit as their topping, if they get a topping at all.
            Frat boys: Enjoy random flavors of frozen yogurt (aka froyo) with weird cereals and candies for toppings.
            Asians (no racism): Love original or green tea tart froyo with moshi... they love moshi!

A nice little story from work about some sorority girls...
          I was serving them some gelato and typically, I like to be the "cool employee" who gives the extra toppings, extra gelato, etc. So, I'm putting the gelato in the little gelato cup. (They are quite little, and expensive) I put like maybe half a cups worth in and she started freaking out and begging me (yes, begging me - with the please please please and all) not to put anymore in the cup....craziness...
         If you've ever had gelato.... you know
                                that it is AMAZING!

I got a new microwave this week. Yay! I'm soooo happy about it, its very very shiny! YAY SHINY!

              My roommate blew a fuse today with the microwave! It was funny. Our RA had to call fix-it and they came and well...fixed it...

Have a great week everybody and remember, though I probably will not have time to actually write up a blog during the week (crazy crazy life), I do check my e-mail often and I check for comments!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School!


Most people....
   are not
         excited to get
              back to school

But I am!

I'm back on campus people and I'm ready for life!

No more stupid required events and meetings or whatever.
I'm required to attend what I signed up to attend.

My room is grand, my roommate is grand, my residence hall is grand, my campus is grand, even my job is grand....yes...a job. (I know, shocking in this economy)

Classes start on Tuesday, so hopefully they are also grand.

      By the way....
          I hope you all were watching the aMAIZEing football game this past Saturday.
                  Because yes....we kicked some butt....
                       Some major butt...
                           TAKE THAT YOU LOUSY YUKONS!!!
                    Ha ha! GO BLUE!
Yes...we broke a record. Because we rock. With our awesome Big House.

            So yes...
                   Go Blue...
                         If you can't go Blue....
                 Then go maize....
  And if you can't do that....well....
                               Then GO HOME

New subject:
    My Job

I love my job!

I will not disclose it's exact name, but it serves Gelato, frozen yogurt, and smoothies!

         I love love love all three of those things! (Notice I put three loves there! Ha ha, I'm so clever!)

So, I work at what they call a frozen yogurt bar.
    I think that makes me either a bartender or a barista.....I really don't know!
        I just know I make delicious things for the great people of Ann Arbor.

I have funny customers sometimes, I love them. The great people who make me chuckle!
        The little girl who doesn't care what kind of gelato she gets as long as it's pink.
            The little boy who just wants a few gummy bears...thats ice cream.
   And my favorite of today:
            The chick who reminded me so much of myself...
                       She wanted half one flavor and half the other, though they didn't twist. Then she wanted her animal crackers smashed up to be more crumbly than they already were.

I love my customers!
            **If you happen to be one of the customers mentioned above (you know it is you) and don't like being up here, just send me an e-mail. I'll take it off promptly! Everything I write about you my dear customers is out of love!**

Alright people!
   If you like this...
            spread the word!
My inspiration for this entry here is from my most recent follower and her lovely comment about the awesomeness of Bath & Body Works! (BTW, I have the Exotic Coconut lotion also and I LOVE IT!)

Go tell all your friends about the crazy college girl!
     Tell them if they write I WILL RESPOND!
I'm quite the little opinionated person and I give fabulous advice also!

Random: After working hours in a yogurt really want a cheeseburger....unless of course you're a vegetarian....then wouldn't want a cheeseburger....maybe a pretzel or somethin...just a thought!

Thank you followers!!!
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