Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm going to start with this: I don't like the Jonas Brothers, I hate the stupid Beiber kid (I don't effing care if I spelled the faggots' name wrong), I hate! hate! hate! Miley effing Cyrus. I don't like any of the stupid little Disney stars. I have not seen a single "star" that came from Disney with an ounce of talent. Hold that, I will give the Jonas Brothers some credit, not a lot, but some. They have stuck to what they believe and they are not terrible, I guess I'm more irritated about their over-ratedness than anything, but yea, that is why they got a don't like instead of a hate. But anywho, Beiber (or whatever) is just stupid, under talented and overrated, but not nearly as bad as the nasty female I am about to rant about. I hate Miley Cyrus, ok! I am a hater, I will put that out there. I have to add that I'm not the crazy hater that goes out of my way to watch her videos or whatever just to write hateful comments. I actually go out of my way to avoid seeing her (in any form)(friggen identity crisis, who the F are you, Miley or Hannah? Would you just effing choose one!) On that note, I think she is choosing Miley, but still, whatever. So yes, I avoid her, and usually my hate is pretty subsided; I grumble when I see her all over effing every store, but nothing that truly enrages me! Until today...

I have an addiction to the Yahoo articles on the main page. Almost every day I scroll through the articles and look for random interesting things (Things your waiter won't tell you, myths on everyday life, how to improve your relationship, etc, etc, I don't really give a crap about celebrity stuff) So, as I was innocently scrolling through my articles (Lalalalala) it hit me (BAM) and I was pissed. "Teen Star Visits Cedar Point" I saw cedar point in the title and thought to myself "It better not be..." I scrolled over it to temporarily enlarge it and sure enough that nasty good-for-nothing hoebag was sitting in one of my favorite roller coasters sporting a "peace" sign with her fingers, like she was an innocent little spit. Go the F away!

Alright alright, so what's the big deal? Why does this anger me so? I love Cedar Point. Love it! I will advertise the crap out if it if they wanted me to. Cedar Point is THE BEST BEST BEST amusement park in the WORLD, literally. It really is. Look it up. I've been going there since I was like seven or some crap like that, yes I LOVE it. Get it? So, honestly, I really don't blame her for going. Everyone who likes roller coasters should go to Cedar Point (please people, don't bring your baby to Cedar Point and sit around and eat the yummy food and do nothing. Cedar Point is not a place for babies and young children, they don't belong and it bugs me when people bring their little ones to Cedar Point. What a waste of $40!) Back to what I was talking about. So I am sure almost (if not every) celebrity who likes coasters has gone to Cedar Point. (It is the best) Why the F is the press giving this disgusting creature exposure for going to cedar point? I'd be even more pissed if she got to cut in line...

Just in! If I could become more enraged right now! I clicked the article to see if she got to cut in line or whatever, and even worse, they shut and effing ride down for her. Why should she get privileges, I know lots of people with money that don't get those kinds of privileges. She has zero talents and she is obviously stupid as F because she thinks taking her clothes off and making sexual movements all over the place while half naked isn't slutty its "part of her theme". Stupid whore.

So yea. There was no reason to tell me that she tainted my sacred place of fun. She could have gone and no one told me about it, just like all the other stars that went (I know they did, come on people) and I would have been fine. I would have happily gone on in my life not ever knowing that she smeared a poopstain on my cute whitey tighties.
Case Closed.

Another thing I hate now. (Not nearly as bad as fowl thing mentioned above, more of a simple irritation) I was watching a documentary on comedy today, there were several interviews on past comedians and such. These interviews were held indoors at various locations and usually had like a dim lighting. There was this one guy wearing sunglasses though. And every time it showed him, it bugged me more and more. Why on earth is he wearing sunglasses inside? Is he blind? Does he think he is just so cool that he should wear spiffy sunglasses inside for interviews? or maybe he thought it was funny, being a comedy documentary. I don't know, I would understand if he was blind, but he didn't seem blind, so it just bugged me. Wearing sunglasses inside does not look cool, it looks stupid.

I'll talk about something I like real quick! Scratching an itch. It really is one of the best feelings ever. It's annoying, it's annoying, and then you itch it and you're like aahhh and you're full of this relief and gratification. Especially when someone gives you a good back scratch, ooohh, that feels good. Thought I might end on a positive note!


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