Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here I am Again World.....

Hello there World!
And by world I mean the people (or lack of people) who actually read this. "Summer Bridge" is not hard, easy, does not prepare you for college. College is hard! Lots and lots and lots of work. Which is why it has certainly been awhile. It really doesn't help with the lack of people reading or following.

So right now... its late. Quite late, but I have shiny Nice healthy looking shiny nails, all thanks to the guy at them mall who pulled me in and put both me and my boyfriend into a trance with his amazing Israel accent and pretty blue green eyes. He got us to spend over $50 on some random stuff that makes your nails all shiny....oye. I wish I had more money....could I be any more original? 

What's been going on? Good question, time flies so fast....sooo fast. Between the last time I blogged and now here are some things that happened
  • Got a bright pink Christmas tree (woo hoo, Kohls sale)
  • Fought with my boyfriend about pilates (he doesn't even know what it is)
  • Laughed at my fat pet rats
  • Killed cancer cells in the lab
  • Discovered Peter Chao on youtube
  • Began practicing Italian with Assasin's Creed 2
  • Saw the Social Network
  • Tried Green Tea frozen yogurt
  • Screamed so the whole apartment building could hear me....(yes, that kind of scream LOL)
  • Saved over $500 on Black Friday
  • Got a delicious new flat screen             
Yup, so nothing any other human being hasn't done. By the way Hot Damn 100 proof is wicked.

Why am I writing right now? 
Feel like it. Boyfriend is stuck on his silly game and doesn't want to come to bed, plus I'm sort of trying to change my life. I want better grades, a healthier psych, and nicer bod. Again, just like any other human.

Sure, I can wish that people would love me and be dying to read my blog like in the movies. You know, the girl who gets the latest gossip or whatever and everyone just HAS to read it. This is not that blog, in fact I could probably care less about the JUICIEST GOSSIP, sorry, I'm boring. Which is probably why no one wants to read this. I have nothing new to say and usually nothing mean to say. I say usually because sometimes I get pissed....see my little explosion about some stupid little celebrity slut feeling the need to shut down a ride at one of the best places in the world...Cedar Point. 

So no one will read this, or maybe I'll get lucky and touch the human side of people. Here, a list of my very human qualities:
  • I feel like hardly anything fits me right, why can't I look like the mannequins?
  • Skinny girls who complain about how fat they are make me want to shove a cupcake in their mouth and push them down a hill.
  • I wish my life were like a TV show sometimes.
  • My family drives me insane and I wonder what they really care about.
  • I want a puppy more than anything, my own apartment and a puppy, please take everything away and give me a puppy. (Save my boyfriend, he's pretty darn good to me)
  • I wish I had more money, I feel like if I had more money, I could fix my problems, though I know thats not true
  • I want attention. Not a lot. Enough to say, hey you're noticed, you are worth someone's time.
  • I'm not fat, I just think I am. (One of the stupidest things I've said but its true, I'm not nice and skinny therefore, I'm fat, not logical, but I'd like to know someone else who can honestly say that with me)
  • I want more friends
  • I think I'm a fantastic cook
  • I feel better when I shop
  • I want my boyfriend to know how to dress, its a big turn on when men dress well.
  • I want to be the best at SOMETHING
So, there has GOT to be something in there that SOMEONE on this planet relates to. I'll say this now: 
The more feedback I get, the more I will write.
The less feedback I get the less I will write.....unless I just feel the need to write, then well, I'll simply write.
BUT if you LIKE it, COMMENT on it, if you DON'T LIKE it, COMMENT on it. I DO respond to COMMENTS in posts after the comment, or I comment on the comment. 

Guess I wish I could write just for the love of writing, not caring if anyone even read it, but then, what would be the point of typing it all up, onto the internet? For the sake of maybe someone will read this? Maybe, we will see as time passes. 

Peace, Love, and Cookies


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