Thursday, December 9, 2010

Abstract? No Thanks.

I need to do an abstract on my lab research...I really don't feel like it. So I'm writing into the abyss of nobody.

Its funny, I happen to be sitting behind a large group of knitters.
There is a very funny dude here, he has many funny things to say:

  • "If we can make so many Barbies, why can't we clone humans by now?"
  • "It was a bias-incident against velociraptors." 
  • "You can not inverse racism" 
  • "I would love to stab the needle cushion with this. - And I return thy Excalibur to thy stone."
Oh, darn knitting group is gone, now I'm left here sort of angry and tired. It's only 8!  My eyes itch and I really don't want to go to math tomorrow, but I will because my boyfriend has made it clear that he thinks I'm just lazy and thats why I don't want to go. It's really just because math is the worst subject on this planet. I'm going to fail my exam, but honestly I don't really care, that is how much I hate math. There is nothing even relatively interesting about it. That would be the reason I have certainly not been doing my homework. I'm scraping by in math and I don't care. I actually probably do care, but I'm really trying not to. It really doesn't help that I'll go to my friggen 2 hour class and learn, well, nothing. The class is far too early and I'm not awake or interested. 

Ugh... curse you math.... curse you.


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