Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another eventful week at the University of Michigan.

We kicked Notre Dames' butt!!!! Ha ha ha! We are victorious!
    Yes, it appeared to be a close game, but we still beat them even after they got a touchdown that they, well, shouldn't have gotten!
                  Most people know that you have to have the ball in hand when you make a touchdown. Apparently, that rule doesn't apply to Notre Dame...
               If you want to see this guy totally drop the football before he enters the endzone, click the linkymabob:

Hahaha, I laugh again.

Ok, so watching an away football game in a dormitory is grand. Everybody is in their room, watching the game and you always know when something has happened. When our team makes a goal or interception the entire building erupts into cheers.
            The whole thing.
                     And then, after being victorious,
                          everyone yells back and forth at eachother for about a half an hour and its one big party!                  
                                       Woo Yea GO BLUE!

New Topic!

         When you work at a yogurt bar, you notice some amazing stereotypes! Based on my first week of work this is what I have gathered:
           Sorority Girls: Afraid to get fat so they want minimal gelato or yogurt. They'll have fruit as their topping, if they get a topping at all.
            Frat boys: Enjoy random flavors of frozen yogurt (aka froyo) with weird cereals and candies for toppings.
            Asians (no racism): Love original or green tea tart froyo with moshi... they love moshi!

A nice little story from work about some sorority girls...
          I was serving them some gelato and typically, I like to be the "cool employee" who gives the extra toppings, extra gelato, etc. So, I'm putting the gelato in the little gelato cup. (They are quite little, and expensive) I put like maybe half a cups worth in and she started freaking out and begging me (yes, begging me - with the please please please and all) not to put anymore in the cup....craziness...
         If you've ever had gelato.... you know
                                that it is AMAZING!

I got a new microwave this week. Yay! I'm soooo happy about it, its very very shiny! YAY SHINY!

              My roommate blew a fuse today with the microwave! It was funny. Our RA had to call fix-it and they came and well...fixed it...

Have a great week everybody and remember, though I probably will not have time to actually write up a blog during the week (crazy crazy life), I do check my e-mail often and I check for comments!


Fiona said...

Psh, I'm asian and I hate green tea gelato or whatever it was. xD I like trying the awkward flavors I've never seen before. x]

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